Stewardship is about SUPPORT and SACRIFICE

By Allen Moyer, Stewardship Chair

Mark Allen Powell suggests in his book, Giving to God, that faithful giving within a church is of two different types:

  1. Providing support to the congregations of which Christians are a part, with reasonable contributions proportionate to their income and circumstances
  2. Allen Moyer, Stewardship Chair
    Allen Moyer
  3. Christians usually moved by Scripture and the Spirit who go beyond providing support to give up a further portion of their money as a sacrifice

The good news of stewardship is found in the arena of sacrificial giving.

Why should you consider extending your financial support to financial sacrifice? Powell has three suggestions:

  1. Giving away our money is a definitive act of worship – we take something of value and give it up as an act of devotion to God.
  2. Giving away our money is a demonstrable way of expressing our faith, of acting on what we believe.
  3. Giving away our money is a spiritual discipline that frees us from the inevitable pull of materialism that would draw our hearts away from God and from the things that matter most.

As we head toward the home stretch in our stewardship campaign, I again want to urge you to give prayerful consideration to pledging your financial support to First Presbyterian Church – We are about 40% toward our commitment goal. If you haven’t pledged yet, I’m asking for your support of our church’s mission in the coming year.

There are crucial times ahead for our church, and if you’re one who is hesitant about committing financial resources until important decisions have been made and questions resolved, realize that it’s important that the work of the church continue even through difficult and challenging circumstances.
Thank you for your financial support and sacrifice.

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