A Gift of Value

By Allen Moyer, Stewardship Chair

In Mark 14:3-9 we find an event described in the last week leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus: His anointing at Bethany.

Mark tells of an expensive gift of pure nard used by Mary to anoint the head of Jesus at a gathering in a local home.  With his disciples and others in attendance some start to grumble at the waste of this valuable gift on the head of their rabbi. Anointing with Nard

However noble their reasons for objecting (it could’ve been sold for money to help the poor), they missed the importance of worship and giving our best back to God in that particular moment.

Certainly this perfume was very valuable – 300 denarii, a year’s wages in those days.  We might view this as contradictory, love for neighbor versus love for God, but the lesson here is that God receives gladly the gifts we value.

As you pray about your pledge to First Presbyterian church, meditate on the fact that God owns all of creation.  He gives us abundant resources to steward and one way we show our gratitude is to give back to Him those things that we highly value.

May we be willing to give up what is valuable to us for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Some material taken from Tabletalk Magazine, October 2016

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