Who We Are

Who We Are

First PresbyterianFirst Presbyterian Church is an historical church founded in 1814 in the Reformed tradition. Reformed indicates not so much how we do something, but what we do and why we do it.

For example in worship we follow the generally prescribed Reformed worship:

Praise draws us into God’s presence
Confession recognizes our unworthiness 
Pronouncement of forgiveness to the repentant as the response of God’s grace 
Offering of thanksgiving for God’s grace 
The Word read after hearts are prepared
The Word expounded
People respond with praise, prayer, offerings to God who has revealed Himself through the Word
People sent out to love and serve the Lord 

First Presbyterian has been from its founding in the main stream of the evangelical movement beginning in the six-month pastorate of nationally known Charles Finney following the church’s hosting of one of his revivals in 1829. We believe in the divine inspiration of Scripture, the virgin birth of Christ, the substitutionary death of Christ on the Cross, the actual bodily resurrection of Christ from death and the second coming of Christ that is yet to be. All of these call for a studied pursuit of faith to the end that the individual receive Christ and becomes an active, whole-hearted follower of God’s ways and God’s Son.

True evangelical renewal is cyclical in four stages:

The emphasis on conversion of the individual
The emphasis on congregational renewal and missions
The renewal
The attention to the social justice needs of the poor

Each of these emphases is evangelical in the true sense of the word—provided the proclamation of Christ and the personal relationship with Christ is the motivating factor for all ministries.


First Presbyterian Church seeks to be a multi-generational community of authentic followers of Jesus who are committed to transforming lives in the Reading region.


First Presbyterian Church exists to proclaim the Gospel in order to transform lives and to demonstrate Christian living to impact the world for the cause of Christ.
Mainline – We are “mainline” in that we are a long-standing congregation in an historic Protestant denomination, the Presbyterian Church (USA).


Outreach – Reaching the community through relational evangelism, missional service and attractional ministry.
Connection – Helping guests feel welcome and build authentic relational connections within the FPC family.
Next Generations – Seeking to intentionally attract and serve children through young adults in the FPC region.
Leadership – Enhancing the leadership of FPC necessary for successfully accomplishing its vision and priorities.
Resources – Ensuring FPC has the facilities and finances to successfully accomplish its vision and priorities.


Interested in Joining Us?

First Presbyterian Church
A Member of ECO – A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians

37 S. Fifth Street
Reading, PA 19602


9:30AM                      Worship Service                                                                    /Children’s Church
10:45AM                    Coffee/Fellowship
11:00AM                    Education for All Ages

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